“”Metal wood gold sculpture 11″”””w


Product Description

Are you planning a makeover for your study table or office desk? Then you have to take a look at this unique sculpture. Made of superior quality iron and wood, this sculpture is designed to stay in good condition for years to come. It features a interlinked pattern that gives this sculpture a very attractive look. Dyed in golden hue with a smooth and shiny finish on a wooden block in natural color, this sculpture will give a unique touch to any settings at home. It can be kept on any table of your choice, in the center of the dining table or on the table besides the couch for a visual appeal. Easy to clean and maintain, just wipe it off with a soft dry or damp cloth at regular intervals. This sculpture can also be gifted to friends and family on special occasions. So if this metal wood gold sculpture has impressed you, then get it home now.

Additional information

Weight 7.99 lbs