“”Metal rooster 9″”””w


Product Description

Rooster is best pick if you want to give countryside touch to your home. This is a gorgeous looking rooster that?S creatively crafted and painted. This rooster is made from quality material and metal in perfect shape. The rooster is hand painted in beautiful cream color with black highlight and brown beak. This rooster is attractively designed and is worth adding to any interior. This gorgeous rooster can be festooned in your living room, bedroom, kitchen etc. You can place this rooster in your garden, lawn or backyard. Cleaning and maintain this rooster is simple. This rooster figurine can be your kitchen companion; it can be kept on kitchen platform wall ledge or window sill. This rooster will certainly seize attention of many and win you compliments for the same. This rooster will complete the look of your countryside theme. If you have liked this rooster get it for your home soon.

Additional information

Weight 6.96 lbs