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Product Description

Artistic sculpture which is sure to add a new meaning to your home decor is this one. Well made from good quality ceramic, it will stay in pristine state for many years. This sculpture features a black base on which are stacked abstract structures in grey color. The base is firm and helps you keep the decor on any surface of your choice. Make it a part of your living room, bedroom hallway or guest room too. Outdoors, you can keep it in your garden or patio, if you backyard seems to look dull, you can display nit at the center on a stool there. As it is unique it can also be presented as gift to close ones who would love owning it. This year get-togethers at home are sure to be something very different and unique with this figurine around. So, what are you waiting for? Bring home this figurine now.

Additional information

Weight 10.34 lbs