“”Ceramic penguin s/3 6″”””


Product Description

Do you love penguins? If yes have a look at thus set of three penguins which are made to suit al types of home themes and lift up the look of tabletops. Made from good quality ceramic, it will stay in prim condition for ages. These three penguins are similar in looks but differ in size. Each of these is well shaped and has a chrome silver shiny finish. The smooth texture and neat finishing makes these penguins worth owning. You can keep all three together or separate according to your need. Ideal for indoor-outdoor use, you can keep one on the side table in the patio or keep the other in the garden. You can also display one of the penguins inside a glass shelf. Wherever kept, these penguins will be noticed by guests and others visiting who will on the other hand compliment you for your unique choice. If you think this set is worth owning, get it today .

Additional information

Weight 3.54 lbs