So, tonight I did my usual checks making sure all the doors were locked, curtains drawn, lights out, then went into the living sat on the coach admiring the Christmas tree and several cards hanging across the fireplace.  The colors of Christmas are so beautiful, reds, blues, greens, white.  I’d hang up some mistletoe – “but come on”.   If you know anything about me is that I’m always up for a hug, especially from the little ones.  Anyway, back to the mistletoe.  My brother came to live us a month before my David died, which ended up being one the biggest blessings of 2018.  David and Jack got along really great – you know the male bantering.  Constantly outdoing each other on insults – I couldn’t tell if they were serious or not and had to leave the room on many an occasion.  I asked Dave what was up with the insults – and questioned if he really wanted my brother here – he said of course.  Well then whats up with all the insults.  His reply was, “its just a guy thing”.  To them it was a game to try and outdo the other.  “MEN”.   Hanging mistletoe just won’t work for me anymore, the only male here is my brother – and I’m not about to kiss him under the mistletoe – “ICK!”  However, after all that reflection, when I went to turn off the Christmas tree lights two big bundle of fur were blissfully snuggled under the tree – our two cats Baby and Cougar f/k/a Fifi.  I feel really blessed to feel at peace and thankful for all the Lord has given me.  The love of this Christmas season, family and all of you.  We here at extend a request to savor all the special moments, especially the ones under the Mistletoe!