I’m sure you all will be shaking your head at this blog – but after much reflection, I have decided to wade the waters of “crazy” and tell you about a very disturbing dream I had a couple of weeks ago.

I dreamt my brother and I were startled by some loud rumbling and ran outside to see what was happening.  The clouds were a murky yellow, which were sucking up millions and millions of huge rocks and boulders for what seems like hours and hours.  Mom told both of us to come back inside, that they were watching us.  We ran into the living room, watching through the window.  Gradually the murky clouds dissipated dropping all those rocks and boulders into all the streams, rivers and lakes making the earth shake.  At the same time jet planes were crashing into skyscrapers which tumbled over and blocked all the roadways.  All the snow on Mt. Rainier was gone leaving it red and steamy.

When I woke up I was trembling having an urgent need to purchase a Life Preserver.  I was thinking about all the preparations I’ve made to be prepared in case of an emergency, and wondering “are we ever going to be prepared enough?”  That’s when it struck me.  Yes I will be prepared enough – the holy scriptures are my Life Preserver and as long as I am diligent and read and ponder them as I should – I will be OK!

All that being said, I’m still planning on purchasing a Life Preserver.