In my last blog I stated I wasn’t sure I was going to put up a Christmas Tree.  With the loss of my husband I didn’t think I wanted to be bothered with putting up a tree and dragging out all the decorations and ornaments, especially after all the ADA renovations – felt it was just too much hassle.  Well with this decision occupying my thoughts weighing the pros and cons – I put up the Christmas Tree.  Actually it was bittersweet – part of me felt guilty because Dave wasn’t here to enjoy it with me.  However putting up the Christmas Tree immediate lifted my mood.  I began singing Christmas songs and looked around for more places to decorate.  Lit some festive candles and began my month long ritual of reading Luke in the New Testament.  Everything about embracing Christmas has been a real blessing for me.  So this is the start of Christmas Season for me at least.  Next is sending out REAL Christmas Cards ( not the impersonal “ecards” that have been the rave since Facebook), and baking cut-out Christmas Cookies.  That being said I want to send a request on behalf of to dwell in the spirit of Christmas, decorate, get back in touch with family, friends, neighbors and be jolly.  “TIS THE SEASON!”